Our Professional Marketing System

Why Should You Join the Team At My Direct Wine?

We Have Premier Marketing Software For Your Wine Business!

When you become a wholesale wine expert, you will receive comprehensive training to become a professional wine distributor in order to help your clients with their customized wine subscriptions. Once you have made the decision to become an independent wine distributor for My Direct Wine, Direct Cellars can give you additional assistance to help you market and promote the success of your wholesale wine business. With My Direct Wine, our wine distributors enjoy:

  • Exclusive, high-quality and delicious wine selections every month
  • Online wine training and support
  • A Customized website platform for your individual orders
  • Assistance promoting your business through expert marketing and a lead generation system

Our partners at Marketing 360® will be fueling your personalized wholesale wine campaign, which has been expertly designed for Direct Cellars. The marketing platform is fully managed and offers an all-encompassing approach to marketing your wine distribution company. When you get involved with our monthly wine subscription business, you are taught the industry secrets of professional wine culture, while Marketing 360® promotes your lead prospects in building client relationships for your successful business. Sounds like a good deal!


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