How To Be A Part of DirectCellars Today

As your premier independent wine distributors, My Direct Wine is proud to bring you the best wholesale wine without the hassles of going to your local retail store. Our work lets you avoid the frustration of purchasing disappointing wine and ensures that you are always happy. If you don’t like the wine we send you, it’s simple – we will gladly refund your wine credit and ship you a new wine at no additional cost. With you in mind, let our independent wine distributors share our knowledge and expertise and choose wines. Don’t waste any more time or money struggling to find new and great-tasting wines at your local stores when a professional wholesale wine distributor is waiting to help. Discover new wines from all over the world every month and receive additional expert advice when you join our monthly wine program today. Feel free to ask us about our opportunities for you to become a wine distributor yourself and kickstart your business today!

Common Inquiries:

Q. How are the selections picked that you send me?

  1. Our highly experienced and highly trained wine experts personally taste-test each of our wines to ensure your satisfaction. Our wine experts “hand-pick” the best selections for you, based on wines they have tasted for you from all over the world.

Q. Where do your wines come from?

  1. We source the finest wines from vineyards across the United States and from the top providers in the world. Various regions in the world include France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Germany, and more.

Q. How do you get such good deals on wine?

  1. We’ve worked long and hard to do the work for you and develop close relationships with wine producers worldwide. My Direct Wine negotiates the best prices so we can pass the savings onto our members like you.

Q. Can I change my Wine Preferences as I learn more about what I like and what I don’t like?

  1. Actually, no! Respectfully, this is a tasting club. By hand-selecting fine wine, we are taking the guesswork out for you. What’s the point of a wine tasting club to learn, taste and explore something new if we just sent you the same kinds of wine each month? That would be no fun!

Q. What is the proper way to serve wine to my guests at a wine party?

  1. The proper glasses to serve wine are usually tulip shaped glasses or glasses that curve inward because they allow for the best enjoyment of the wine “bouquet” and swirling. Chilling the wine beforehand helps combat warming in guests’ hands. Chilling fine wine too much though can and will affect the vibrancy of the flavor.

Q. Do you deliver to rural areas outside of towns and cities?

  1. Absolutely! If you get service from UPS, FedEx or the US Post Office, My Direct Wine will deliver wine directly to your door. Free Shipping is always included!

Q. What if I decide I don’t want to be in the club anymore?

  1. No worries – you can cancel anytime. We’ll stop your wine deliveries, and you won’t be billed again.

Q. How do I know if it’s a good wine?

  1. If you enjoy the wine, then you should consider it a good wine. If we tell you a wine is good, that is not necessarily true. Wine is a subjective experience – we all have unique palates and what you may enjoy, others may not enjoy.

Q. What’s the best way to store my wine deliveries?

  1. Fine wine is best stored on a rack, horizontally. Though you’ll find angled racks, the horizontal position best addresses sediment and cork dryness issues.

Q. I have questions regarding compensations, where can I find answers?

  1. There are several places that you can get answers about the Direct Cellars Compensation Plan. First off, you should watch the Compensation video (click here to view). Next, we have a 2-page Compensation Overview pdf (click here to download) that you should review with your upline sponsor. Plus, your sponsor can help you understand Direct Cellar’s business opportunity that you have been presented with.
  2. What is… or Where is… my ‘Welcome Email’? Why is this so important?
  3. Look for an email immediately after you enroll with Direct Cellars. The subject line will read: “Congratulations on a Great Decision”. This welcome email contains your personal username and password that you set up at the time of your enrollment. This information is what allows you to access your Business Management System (BMS) where you can manage your business, track your commissions, and more! NOTE: Be sure to check your spam or junk folders! Often, our emails contain graphics and this could cause your Welcome Email to be directed to one of those folders.

Q. Where can I find Marketing Tools? (Business Cards, Flyers, Banners, etc.?)

  1. Be sure to download our Direct Cellars mobile app (click for android | click for ios). On the app, you will find approved templates that you can email to your personal email account. Then, simply customize and print the marketing templates from your desktop printer.

Q. When is my wine being delivered?

  1. Following your initial sign up, you can usually find tracking information within 2-3 business days. Tracking information is easily accessible. Simply click on the shopping cart icon in your back office. When the wine has been shipped, your wine order status will change from ‘Posted’, to ‘Shipped (Track)’, and you can click on that link to be routed to your UPS package tracker. This will allow you to see exactly where your package is, and exactly when it will arrive. With tracking, there’s no guessing.

Q. What states are we NOT permitted to ship to?

  1. At this time we can not ship our wines to the following states: Utah and North Dakota. There is also a temporary hold on Oklahoma.